Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back from Vacation/Back to Work

Always a bummer when you have to come back to work from vacation and there is huge pile of work on your desk and its raining..... sigh...

We went to sunny CA to visit family and that was fun and pretty relaxing. Everyone was excited to hear our news. My mom was also there visiting at the same time and insisted she listen to my stomach with a stethoscope, which I told her wouldn't work, but she proceeded anyways (didn't work).

Now that we're back and moved into our new place - I feel like we have so much work to do to fix it up and get ready for the fall. With the summer only a few weeks away the pressure is on!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Week 10 - So Far So Good

Had another checkup yesterday with the OB/GYN and all is well! We got to see the little guys on ultrasound and one was jumping around like crazy! It was fun to see.

The U/S lady did note that one of the twins heartbeats was markedly faster then the other - so she thought it could be one boy/one girl. DH and I have decided not to find out, so I guess we'll have that to ponder on for the rest of the time.

So the next time I get an ultrasound won't be until week 20! That seems so far away!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Summer School

Looks like this July will be busy with school - baby school that is.

I contacted the hospital about classes offered throughout the summer and the nice coordinator lady said I should plan on taking my classes during July.

The classes we'd like to take include the all the obvious ones - Childbirth Prep (aka Lamaze), Newborn Care + Safety, Infant CPR and a Breastfeeding Class. Each of these classes will cost $30 for me and DH except the Childbirth Prep which costs a whopping $100. They offer that class over 4 weeks for two hours per week, or I can get it all done on one Saturday. I'm thinking that may be info overload for one day - we'll see what DH says.

I did also find a twin breastfeeding class offered by another local hospital in August - will definitely need to sign up for that one!

Did I mention that I haven't exercised since IVF started in Feb? I feel like a tub o'lard. I also hope to sign up for water aerobics at the local high school to get my buns from way to giggly, to moderately giggly.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Look, New Feel, Growing Pooch

So I decided to update the blog look, hope everyone likes it.

My blog isn't the only thing that's changing its look. I have a definite pooch, but its hard to tell if I'm growing or if its the result of the truckload of food that I inhale everyday.

Yesterday morning I told myself to keep try and keep the eating within normal ranges, but I get so hungry so quickly I end up inhaling whatever I'm eating. I'm also always crave carbs - pasta, bread, bagels, mashed potatoes - can't get enough!

I'm also starting to amass used baby stuff from friends and coworkers. My mom has managed to get a twin stroller and one of my coworkers is selling me two cribs with mattresses for really cheap. I'm also hoping to get the matching dresser/changing table from her, but her son who is 3 1/2 still isn't potty trained. Maybe this summer he'll finally catch on.

Friday, April 3, 2009

First OB Appt

So all went well with my OB today, other than he wouldn't give me a high-five when he walked in (only handshake - all business). I still have to go back this afternoon for the U/S (why in the world they don't have a full time U/S tech is beyond me).

We went over some do's and dont's. Gave us the option for genetic testing (we decided to turn down), also said that most twin mommas need to be on bedrest after 28 weeks (after Labor Day for me) and they deliver twins right around 38 weeks.

So, that's all for now. Waiting for 2 PM to leave for the U/S. Too bad I have to come back to work!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maybe the key is...

So on Sunday I was lazy and didn't do my normal morning routine, which includes taking my prenatal vitamin. So I figured I'd take it before bed instead. Well - what do you know - no nausea (or only very slight) on Sunday.

Since then I've been taking them at night and have noticed a marked improvement. Thank the lord!

Other than that, I have had occasional cramping/burning feeling on my R side, but with no regularity. Not sure if it is something to worry about or has more to do with the neverending amount of gas I have. (TMI)

Still counting the days until my first OB appt - it will be so sweet to go see him for actually being pregnant and not because of my endo/annual pap exams.

I really hope everyone is still hanging on in there.