Friday, August 7, 2009

Glucose & Baby Shower - Week 26

Guess it's been a busy week!

Last weekend we traveled back to the east coast for my baby shower, it was very nice and we had a great time. It was so good seeing all my girlfriends who not only came to the shower, but they came out to dinner with me on Saturday night as well. We received lots of nice things, but still need a few more items. Luckily we received a lot of gift cards and money to make that a little easier!

Yesterday I took my glucose test and found out today I passed - no problems! I do have slight anemia and need to start taking an iron supplement. Apparently, that'll give you a ton of constipation - which I'm not looking forward to. Back on the Colace and Miralax!

My belly has popped and my inny belly button is morphing into an outie. All my friends thought I looked huge. At my shower I looked like a pink circus seen above. I'm standing next to my girlfriend who gave birth to a baby girl in April. My friends made me wear a silly tiara and mom to be button.

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  1. OMG. I totally freaked out when I came to your blog with the new picture on the top. I totally thought you had given birth and those were pictures of them. Then realized uh, they wouldn't look like that dummy. You made my HEART STOP!!! :) I am glad that you passed the glucose test and had a good shower. (hee hee, a good shower)

    Are you able to take probiotics while pregnant? If so that would REALLY help with the constipation. I have horrid IBS and that is the only thing that keeps me regular. :) I just don't know if you can take the high doses while pregnant.