Tuesday, July 28, 2009

25 Weeks

So far so good. I'm getting excited as this weekend is my shower and we'll be traveling back to CT for it. Definitely not looking forward to the long drive to get there, but hopefully I'll get comfy and take a nap.

My aches and pains continue, with something new popping up everyday. Yesterday (all day) I had terrible round ligament pain. Today my left leg is killing me. So weird.

Next week is the big glucose test. I really hope I pass. My Dr thinks I've gained more than he'd like to see, but I'm still not carrying as large as you'd think. The babies weigh in alright, so I'm not to concerned.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Phew - Rough Week!

Well this week has been marked so far (and it's only Wednesday!) with two trips to the hospital!

Trip #1
Last Friday night I started getting repeated quick stabbing pains in the front of my left leg.(Not calf, and not same pain as cramping). It was always in the same location. Well, I didn't think to much about it, but it continued into the day on Saturday and Saturday night, increasing in frequency and intensity. I finally broke down to call the Dr who sent me to the ER to get tested for a blood clot. Thankfully, no clot. The ER Doc thought it could be something horomonal. Weird. Hasn't happened since.

Trip #2
Yesterday (Tuesday), I walked to the Starbucks close to my work with a coworker. It's probably a 1/4 mile to get there on flat terrain, and we took it easy. When I get there I notice a weird fullness or pressure in my lower abs. By the time we got back to the office my stomach was as hard a a rock and I figured I was having a BH contraction. Well, the rest of the afternoon I'd get short ab pains while my belly remained hard. I finally broke down at 8:30 and called the same Dr on call (who sent me to ER on Sat) and she had me go into L&D to be monitored. Of course, while I was there I didn't have any more contractions, so I finally went home around midnight.

So to sum it up, this week has been marked with strange, new pains. My Dr always tells me at every visit to call if I think there is a problem, but since they only seem to want to send me directly to the ER every time (which costs a $100 ER copay a pop), next time I'll wait until I'm doubled over in pain before calling.

Will see the Dr for a routine visit this Friday, I'm sure we'll discuss this week's events in details.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Daycare/Healthcare Struggle Begins

So after taking a good hard look at our books, unfortunately I think I'll need to be going back to work full time soon after these kiddos are born. I know - millions of women do it everyday, but it still stinks.

My hubby is from the UK where women get a one year paid time off thanks to the government. Of course, also no one there needs to worry about health care coverage either since that's another government run program. Makes me want to hop the next flight on over.

Right now I'm trying to find out about insurance and daycare after the babies are born. I work for a small employer who only covers the employee, not any dependents, for health insurance. Also, we only get 6 weeks of unpaid maternity time. What a stinker!

So far it all breaks down to this:

Health Insurance - if I get it through work, it's going to cost almost $600 per month to cover just the babies. I looked into independent health insurance, which could be less, but unless these kids are born perfectly healthy - they could deny them coverage. How nuts is that! Of course, with my past IF history, they can deny me coverage as well! Double nutiness!

Daycare - Ha! I just got off the phone with the closest daycare to my work and they want $359 per week, per child. So that's over $700 per week for full time daycare. That's definitely out of the question. I'll have to start looking on Craigslist for stay-at-home mom's or home daycares.

So much to think about and get settled before these kids even arrive. I can't wait until its all done and I can relax already.

Monday, July 13, 2009

23 wk check up

I just thought it was cute to take a pic next to the expecting mother parking sign this morning at the Dr's. Not sure why the pic is fuzzy - this was taken on my hubby's cell phone, maybe he needs to wipe the lens...

Friday, July 10, 2009

22 weeks and all is well

Wow - time is going by so fast! The cribs have been assembled and now were just waiting on the changing table/dresser from the same person we got the cribs from. The room is starting to come together!

Last week we started taking classes at our hospital - so far we've done Infant CPR/First Aid and our first of 4 Childbirthing Classes. The birthing class isn't really focused on Lamaze, more on the physical aspects of before delivery, during and after. This past week we spoke about signs of early labor, taking care of yourself in the 3rd trimester, etc.

Of course, of all the people in the room, I was the only one with twins. We had to go around the room to introduce ourselves and once my hubby announced we were having multiples, you could hear a big whoosh from everyone else. Also, everyone else was much further along then I was so I felt like a skinny-minnie.

One thing that did stink was the instructor kept singling me out, which I hated.

Next week a pediatrician is supposed to come and we get a tour of the maternity ward. Can't wait!