Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still waiting for AF, and my toe hurts

One of my co-workers (who knows that I'm getting ready for IVF round 3) mentioned today how I must be a glutton for pain.

She says it, and I think it must be true since I'm walking around with a doctor's foot bootie on my left foot. I've been dealing with (and this is definitely TMI) an infected toenail for like 2 years now. (I think I may have gotten it from a bad pedicure.)

Anyways, I've tried all kinds of meds for it and nothing has worked. So yesterday, my podiatrist says we should remove it. I immediately start sweating, thinking about the pain that is to come, but she assures me I won't feel a thing since she'll give me novacaine. And it really wasn't so bad until... 4 AM this morning, when all the novacaine and Advil had finally worn off. Ughhh..

So now I'm limping around, waiting for AF to arrive. I wish it would come like tomorrow morning. I'm anxious to get this show on the road!

I'm feeling for my friend and fellow blogger MammaSoon about her crappy failed CGH testing this cycle. I can't imagine how PO'd she's feeling, especially since she chose her RE specifically based on their wonderful labs.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Octuplets & Biding My Time Waiting for AF

Did anyone else see that story on the news this morning about the woman who gave birth to octuplets? They didn't go into detail as to how she became preggo with so many - my guess is IUI. (That's how Jon Minus 9 got preggo).

People are quick to blame IVF on high order multiples - but I think the opposite - RE's really control the quantity of embryos put back in. To have a number like 8 through IVF would mean possibly four embryos all split to become identical twins. I can't see an RE putting 8 embies back in? Could you? I think it would be unethical.

I'm really hoping AF comes soon so I can get the clearance to start stims! It should be here in the next couple of days.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese Horoscope

Hey - I just went to the Yahoo homepage and they had a special Chinese New Year horoscope - I was born in the year of the Snake (my least favorite animal)... but things are apparently looking on the bright side:

Snake Overview

The Snake has an incredibly favorable year ahead. The year of the Ox provides many opportunities for the Snake to fulfill long awaited career goals and achieve more than he/she ever imagined. Your wisdom and patience are tools that prove successful in all aspects of your life. Relationships could be taken to new heights and deep and meaningful friendships are acquired. This year proves to be one of action, the year that all of your planning and waiting pay off for you. The later months prove to be especially successful, tying a year of arduous work into an extremely blissful culmination.

Hanging by a thread

So this past weekend started out OK - DH and I were preparing for our open house on Sunday (our 3rd one so far) and as it turns out the open house didn't happen. Why you ask? Because my stupid real estate agent sent someone else to handle our open house and she couldn't figure out how to open the lock box on our door. On top of which our agent never called us. So all that hard work - cleaning like crazy - down the drain. Now we're supposed to get a new lock box for the door and hold another open house the weekend after the Super Bowl. I'm trying to use my power of zen to put it past me and move on, but I'm still pretty PO'd.

Of course - the weekend of the new open house, I'll be busy since IVF should be in full force by then. My tentative ER will be sometime the week of 2/8. We'll see how it goes.

As if yesterday couldn't get any worse - my mom tells me my about multiple cousins who have now either given birth, or who now are preggo. I don't wish bad thoughts on these people, it just all reminds me of how long DH and I have been on BabyQuest.

On a side note, the Lupron that I'm taking this time is giving me really weird (bad) dreams and hot flashes. No fun!

Friday, January 23, 2009

TGIF! Let the weekend begin

This week draaagged on, but here we are at last - the end of the day Friday!

Last night DH and I tried to video my shot-taking with his fancy new phone (Blackberry Storm) but it crashed. So much for technology! Will try again tonight with the camera on the laptop if I can remember.

Went to accupuncture today, which although pretty pricey, has become a high point in my week. My accupuncturist is a lady named Mitzi - kind of funny to imagine a little old white lady practicing the ancient art of Asia, but hey whatever floats your boat! She travels to Taiwan every year to meet with her teacher. I asked her last week what her teacher is like (I envisioned an older gentleman - Mr. Myagi like) and I was correct!

I enjoy going because it gives me at least 20 minutes off peaceful relaxation. Even with all those needles sticking out of me (once they're in you really can't feel them). I try and picture my future with a baby involved - which is really hard to do since you can't picture what your baby will look like.

This weekend DH and I don't have too much going on - our house is on the market so our realtor is holding an open house on Sunday afternoon (pray that someone comes!) and we'll probably go to the movies. Saturday I think I'd like to visit my coworker's new condo. She's very excited since its her first house purchase. Lots to think about and do!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Let the Craziness Begin!

I thought I'd blog this time around if only to connect with other IF bloggers.

Today starts attempt number 3 of IVF, and I'm nervous, excited, terrified and everything else all rolled into one.

So tonight I start taking a drug called Lupron, which from what I can remember isn't that bad since the needle is so small (as is the dose). My Lupron (and a few other meds that I'll be taking this time) was generously donated from two of my fellow Resolve members.

I have to say this entire journey would have been completely lonely and discouraging if it wasn't for my fellow IF'ers. It truly feels like a battle, but at least I know there are a few soldiers out there fighting with me. Reading their blogs, following along on InfertilityCommunity and going to the (ok - only 1 meeting, but hey it was a far drive!) Resolve meeting was really comforting.

Actually it's gotten to the point where a couple of my fellow IF'ers have had success. One girl who I met on InfertilityCommunity just gave birth to twin girls, and the other is preggo with triplets! That's nuts!

Makes me wonder if this works (and I love to think and plan ahead) if I'll be lucky enough to have more than one.